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Piping Design Service

1. Piping Stress Analysis

- Static
We are expert in statics analysis of Reactor, Column-Reboiler piping, Compressor piping, Turbine piping, Fired Heater piping, Pump and Heat exchanger piping, Pipe rack piping like Loop fixation, UDL Calculation & Anchor bay location, Jetty piping, and Ejector piping etc. We also involve in the Critical Line List and System Formation, Flange Leakage calculation, WRC-297 and 107, Bellow and Spring Specification, Trunion Calculation and Design & Conceptual drawing of special support.

- UG analysis
We do provide stress analysis services in both metallic (31.1, 31.3, 31.4, 31.8, EN etc) as well non metallic piping (BS, ISO, UKOOA).

- Dynamic :- We provide Dynamic Stress Analysis including:

  • Earthquake Analysis
  • Natural Frequency Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Surge and Water Hammer Analysis
  • Time History Analysis

2. Plant Layout

- Standard Drawings
We can prepare standard drawings of Hydro vent & drain connection details, rating / spec wise, Process vent & drain connection details, Strainers, utility station hose connection details, eye wash & safety shower details, spade & spare details, spectacle blind details, bird screen details, CV assembly details etc.

- Piping Layout
We can do the different types of layout like Conceptual plot plant, Equipment Layout, Unit Plot Plan, Key Plans, Nozzle Orientation Drawing, Fire Hydrant ring Layout, Fire extinguisher Layout, Utility station Layout etc.

- Statutory Approval Drawings
We can prepare IBR Approval Drawing, OISD Approval Drawing, Environmental impact assessment (EIA) committee approval drawing and MOEF approval.

3. Material

We can prepare Material selection Report as per client's process requirements. We can also prepare Piping Class Index / Service Class Index, Piping Class Specification (PMS), Piping Valve Specifications (VMS), Valve Tagging Philosophy, Valve Tagging, S. M. Tagging, S.M. Item List, Valve Data sheets & S. M.item Data Sheets, Bulk MTO (Valve, Pipe & Fitting), Requisition for Quotation (Material Requisition) etc. We can do the General Specification for Inspection, Testing and Flushing. General Specification for Welding, Fabrication, General Specification for Hydro / Pneumatic Testing General Painting Specifications, General Insulation Specifications, General Specification for Wrapping and Coating, Insulation MTO, Painting MTO, Wrapping and Coating MTO, and Calculations for Branch Table, Pipe Wall Thickness & Bolt Length.

Civil Design Service

Our services related to civil department are Site Preparation, Site Drainage (Gravity Sewers), Site Paving, concrete and bitumen road design, fencing and gate detailing, Civil ,Structural and Architectural Design Basis, Specifications related to Architectural works, Civil works and Structural works, Preparation of BOQ, Material Estimate , Substructure Design(include Pipe rack & Pipe Support Foundations, Equipment Foundations, Plant & Non Plant Building Foundations and Culvert & water retaining structures) as well Superstructure Design (RCC & Steel- include Plant & Non Plant Buildings, Pipe racks & Pipe supports) etc.

Equipment Design Service

We are capable to do detail design engineering of metallic static equipments such as pressure vessels, columns, reactors, heat exchangers, fixed as well floating roof storage tanks & vessels as per respective codes and standards. We are as well capable to do nonmetallic tank designing as per BS & ASME RTP code.

Fire Fighting & Detection System Design

We are capable in providing fire protection engineering services including fire risk analysis, fire suppression and fire alarm system evaluation and design, and the development of fire protection system design drawings and specifications. We can assist you with code review, plan review, special hazard system design, bid documents, sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, detection systems, and fire and life safety. We implement our client's requirements, applicable codes, standards, and fire protection guidelines with acceptable industry practices.

Manpower Consultation Service

We do provide experience candidates (engineers, designers and draftsman) for engineering work on deputation or subcontract to client office on short or long term as per their requirement. We also assist our clients to hire right candidate for right job without much hurdle and time consumposion.

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